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About company

We started out in 1995 installing pc and mac networks to small and medium sized businesses, Seeing the trend for businesses building thier own custom software to manage their business, we have evolved to a full service software development firm.

Why choose us ?

Our customers love us. We have worked very hard to build strong relationships with our customers. We will work hard to earn your business. Contact Sales Today!

Our mission

We strive to build robust, stable, error free scalable applications and business systems for our customers. We want every one of our customers to be return customers.

our offering

Below is a list of some of the things we offer

We are creative

We will not only deliver a working product for you, but we also help to explore your project specifications to offer streamlining and low cost improvements that may help you maximize your development budget.
Don't have a specification?
If not that is OK! We have a lot of experience working with customers in meetings to help discover project details and help them to build a project specification.

We win together

When your new software is in your team's hands and it's making you money due to new features or staff efficiencies then we all win.

24/7 hour support

For our mission critical customers we offer 24/7 support for their products and services.


our areas of expertise

Below is a list of areas we have extensive experience with!


We can help manage, improve and host your existing wordpress websites


We work with only the highest quality advertising firms in the world. So once your project is completed and you are ready to get started marketing we can assist with that


This is our core competency. We've been managing projects and building code for decades on the web and for business internally

Programming Languages

Linux/Unix System and Web Programming: PHP, Pearl, Shell
Windows Web Programming: ASP, ASP.Net, C#, C++, .Net, C-Sharp, Angular
CRM: Limelight CRM, Konnektive CRM


SQL Databases: Oracle MySQL, Microsoft MsSQL

Web design

We produce the highest quality web design and work available

Android and iOS/Apple Mobile Application Design

We can build Android and Apple iOS mobile apps for your staff to interface with your business or your customers using your product.

our portfolio

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  • design
  • development
  • branding

our pricing

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  • Wordpress
  • joomla
  • PSD Files
  • logo design
  • Unlimited Support
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  • Wordpress
  • joomla
  • PSD Files
  • logo design
  • Unlimited Support
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  • Wordpress
  • joomla
  • PSD Files
  • logo design
  • Unlimited Support
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  • Wordpress
  • joomla
  • PSD Files
  • logo design
  • Unlimited Support
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custom setup

At IST we analyze your specific application needs and custom deploy operating systems and source to fit your needs "NO BLOAT"

cloud control

Where necessary we build you controls to control your platforms, giving you maximum control of the systems we design for you

All star support team

Our support team members are hardened veterans from the world wide web. We have all been there and done that and do things as simple and secure as possible

top notch security

The systems we work off of are in behind hardened firewalls and servers, offering maximum protection for your business, but most importantly FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS


meet our team

This is our team, Get to know us!


Message from President

At IST we want to deliver the solution that meets your needs, the first time. We will work very hard to discover your project requirements, provide a well thought out statement of work and work extremely hard to deliver on time.

founder & president

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. we reply within 24 hours

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    02 9635 0247
    02 9635 0247
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